Trigger's bike

Tasks achieved today:
  • taken boy to school to not get form signed
  • taken boy to work
  • disinterred and rode old bike
  • advertised old bike for sale - a traumatic undertaking
  • dealt with endless village hall accounts
  • fitted kitchen cupboard door - badly
Today I booked the car into the garage to have the orange light fitted to the roof.  That way I can at least charge the boy for the now daily trips to work. The little charmer has taken to ridiculing me for the fact that I am at home while he is working.  What will eventually dawn on him is that the income earner pays the bills, a fact alluded to as he shuffled to the car in as yet untied shoes. He joked that he would break these ones soon, like all the other pairs he has owned, to which I was able to respond brightly that he might reflect on who buys the next pair.

Little victories.

This morning we stopped off at his school where he needs to get a form signed by numerous teachers to say he was there.  Failure to do so could result in his results being withheld in August, a somewhat enticing prospect...The boy's exquisite planning meant that we turned up at the school on the day when everyone had gone off on end of tem trips, so we get to repeat the trip to school tomorrow.  Who says that life is not filled with infinite variety?

Today marked one of those seminal moments in life as I finally began the trauma of putting my venerable bike up for sale.  I bought it new in 1994 and I have in turn loved and neglected it since, declaring my intention to use it every day whenever I dust it off and sit on it, before carefully putting it back into the shed and leaving it there for another six months to provide a diverting pastime for the spiders.  The bike is my original mainly in spirit as it has undergone the 'Trigger's Broom' process of being replaced piece by piece over the course of 23 years.  The only original features are the wheels and the gears and it is only a matter of time for them, the gear shifters having gone the way of all machinery last year.

I hope someone buys it but I will cry like a pathetic middle aged man giving up a part of his youth when I finally say goodbye to my two wheeled comrade in arms.

Today has also been most productive as I addressed one of the longest outstanding DIY jobs, refitting a door on a kitchen cupboard.  This sounds easy, doesn't it - and it should be but for the fact that the door no longer fits.  You can have the door on the cupboard but only if you are prepared to eschew the benefits of drawers, as they will no longer open.  I have of course left the door in situ so that my long suffering wife can at least witness my effort before I remove it once more as it doesn't work...This may be the key to life, one of the 'Seven Truths' I shall reveal in a best-selling self help book: it is not enough to do good deeds, you have to make sure people see you doing them.  Otherwise, you'll never get the credit.  I know it sounds cynical but life is somewhat cynical, is it not?


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