There's something in the water...

The swimming pool was eerily quiet today as I went in to try to fend off my inevitable end for a few more minutes. Before getting the usual third degree burns in the shower, I decided to put my head round the changing room wall to see what was occuring.

The pool was indeed closed, I discovered. Turns out someone had done a poo in it.

Amusement quickly turned to revulsion and then appreciation as the leisure centre team undertook the full ET - scrubbing, sluicing, rinsing and testing.

The supervisor was clearly in his element, proudly telling me that they had added the right amount of chlorine and tested the water to check it was okay and that the pool would be open in two minutes. I responded frivolously that he wasn't really selling the experience, to which I got the full jobsworth response, "I am merely giving you the facts, sir".

And so he was. I bet he's been on a course.

They clearly did a good job because I survived and so - for the time being - has my lunch. The experience made me reflect that these poor souls must have to do this quite regularly. I bet there are a good number of 'foreign bodies' in the pool in the average week.

Today's learning is therefore an increased respect for oft-maligned lifeguards. The next time you're in a leisure centre, immersed in water with dozens of others with varying levels of personal hygiene, bear in mind that, ahem, it could be poo...


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